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atulização 21 Janeiro 2014

Roupa de criança, Sapatos para criança, Acessórios

Desde 1996


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2014 Spring/Summer Collection

A summer of travel, sun, surf and plenty of colour. Summer 2014 by Replay & Sons features a cool big-attitude collection for the youngest crowd. A holiday on the road made up of adventure and emotion-packed days. An exciting route going from the sunny Californian coasts via immaculate Hawaiian beaches through to colourful Miami.
A collection inspired first by the energy of the biker universe, plunging next into the patterns and hues of luxuriant Hawaiian nature and finishing with the vitality of bright surfing colours. And, as the common denominator, a desire for adventure, summer, colour and life in the open air. Naturalness, soft materials that caress the skin, comfortable shapes and fit that guarantee total freedom of movement.

She is sweet, full of joy and determined. Colour, cheer and carefree months of holiday are the leitmotiv for her summer, while she runs and turns cartwheels in flowery meadows or swims in a blue sea.
An on-the-road spirit softens and translates for her into a palette of blackboard, aubergine and whites, lit up by expressive colours like day-glo green or fuchsia. Impetus that combines with a more girly side, for fascinating contrasts: soft sweats are contaminated by studs, Tees are given intense washes then toned down by sequin embroidery and punchy prints mixed with lace and broderie anglaise. A little girl who also wears faded tie-dyes and sprayed shades, and the paisley patterns typical of bandanas, turning them into all-over prints on sweats, shorts and leggings. Plus tank tops with fringes, raw cuts and camouflage in green and purple.
She then continues her holiday and moves seawards, where blues, whites, pinks, greens and corals take centre stage. A palette of colours, materials and motifs taken from the liveliest nature and turned into melange sweats with macramé contrasts and white brocade trousers with faded spraying that seem to have been bleached by the sun and saltwater. Then there are batik prints in tangy shades, shorts with lacy ruffles, broderie anglaise and slub jersey, for the coolest generous-skirted dresses, perfect for spinning around, and a cascade of colourful Tees with asymmetric design. Meanwhile, the depths of the ocean become shades of indigo: denim for jeans and shorts, chambray for dresses and shirts, terry towelling tencel for jumpsuits and shirts.
And finally a splash of energetic hues, flamingos and pop inspiration. This is a symphony of reds, corals, greens and yellows. Hibiscus patterns on cotton muslin and viscose for little embroidered dresses, shorts and skirts, plus a mix of all-over prints that combine flowers, paisley and camouflage. Flamingos settle on striped Tees, bright prints emphasised by glitter, sequins, rhinestone and studs to copy the shiny rays of the sun and even day-glo accents on dresses, skirts, trousers and shirts.

Even the little boy loves adventure, open air and the carefree spirit of the summer. Sunny days, comfortable slightly creased garments, a laidback spontaneous holiday spirit.
On the road for him means treated garments, creased worn fabrics and decisive colours like military green, royal blue, orange, faded black and red. Tees and sweats are sprayed unevenly while words and patches are used and aged. Trousers become high-performance cargo pants, with patches, prints and camouflage patterns. Plus tie-dye sweaters, tattoo prints directly onto the garment, small metal details on outerwear and bombers with military shields. Even denim undergoes an outdoor adventure attack with rips, darning and fading.
Holidays then continue with the soft natural textures of sun, sand and above all sea. And here in fact the real main player is the world of indigo, for both tops and bottoms. Jeans and shirts are conquered by the blue of the ocean and imbued with all the most intense shades from paler bleaches through to the most penetrating. Jeans faded by washing and wear, shirts in aged denim and faded prints. Plus slub jersey, corrosion prints that recall the effects of saltwater, single-colour crack and flock prints, raw cut edges and yarn-dyed polos with tiny stripes.
The journey ends in a flash of exuberant lively colours, all surf and flowers. Turquoise, green, white, yellow and coral rule the colour palette. The all-over print is the recurrent pattern; sweats, Tees and cargo Bermuda shorts are inundated by a wave of plant-like motifs, from hibiscus to batik, paisley and camouflage. But there are also designs inspired by the world of surf, by faded colours that recall sunsets glowing over the ocean. And colour is centre stage also for jeans, dyed in brilliant shades and then super faded, emphasising once again that creased, used, carefree holiday feeling that pervades the entire collection.


90 lojas para REPLAY & SONS